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What Other Options Do You Have?

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Business Finance for Any Asset (Trucks, Trailers, Vehicles, Equipment etc)

***Not Everyone Fits In Where They Want To – Find Out Here***

      • Bank Business Finance
      • Finance Company Business Finance
      • Rental Business Finance
      • Lease Business Finance
      • Bad Credit Business Finance

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Which Business Finance Option Will You Qualify For

***Your Business Situation and Your Financial Situation Are Closely Checked***

    • 1. What proof do you have that you your business will make money?
    • 2. What experience do you have in your chosen industry?
    • 3. How long have you been in business?
    • 4. Do you have adequate money or assets to keep trading in case of unexpected events?
    • 5. What are your current Assets & Liabilities?
    • 6. Have you had good credit payment history before?
    • 7. Is the amount you want to borrow appropriate for your situation?
    • 8. How much deposit can you pay to reduce the Business Finance Lenders risk?

Business Finance Lenders and the cost (repayment, finance term and interest rate) vary dependent on how the above questions are answered. Virtually nobody has the right answer to all of the above. As long Term Business Finance Brokers specialising in Vehicle, Plant & Equipment we help you through the process. Our understanding of the Business Finance lending market place give you your best chance of approval.

Our service is obligation free. We find the best approval we can for you. If you are happy with it we can move forward. If not you walk away at no cost.

Business Finance is not easy, we will help you, but we will also need your help with collating information. Your commitment to accuracy in this will genuinely help your cause.

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***How Long Will It Take***

First we need to get everything in order to submit your application. Then you should allow a week to be safe. :

  • Your ABN can be one day old. You need to be starting a business or operating a business.
  • There are 2 Options, Find your own vehicle (you will need approx 10% to cover upfront payments). Select a vehicle from our range (No upfront payment)
  • The contract runs for 12 months. Payments are made weekly. A residual of approx 65% after the 12 months.
  • Provided you have made your payments on time, you now have a good credit rating. You will have financing options that allow you to, refinance the residual, or upgrade to a new vehicle.
  • You sign your finance paperwork on your phone, tablet or computer.

What Other Options Do You Have?

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Other Motor Vehicle ABN Low-Doc Finance Options (In most Instances You Will Need a Clean Credit File):

  • 6 months in business: 10% deposit required, Bank Statements showing income deposits, A self declaration of income and expenses (some bad credit OK).
  • Asset (Property) Backed Applicants: New Business, Working in same industry, pay-slips from previous job, affordability calculated on previous income.
  • Non-Asset Backed Applicant: New Business, 30% deposit required, Working in same industry, pay-slips from previous job, affordability calculated on previous income.
  • One Year in Business: Asset Backed, No Deposit Required, Max Loan $75,000. Others 20% deposit required
  • Two Years in Business: Asset Backed, No Deposit Required, Max Loan $100,000. Others 20% deposit required.

All applications are subject to individual financier approval conditions, some supporting documents may be required.

For An Obligation Free Pre-Approval – Simple Phone Application

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If You Meet The Above Criteria – Try Our Calculator, If You Can Afford The Payments, Talk To Us Now!

Approval rests with the Financier, Below You Will See Examples of Approvals (Note, A Re-marketed Asset means the borrower accepted one of our Lender’s assets)

Good News Approvals.

Under $25,000 agreements are preferable. It is critically important that you can afford to make the payments. Good conduct of this finance agreement has the potential to establish a credit rating for your business or re-establish your current poor credit.

  • New ABN, 5 years driving experience, defaults under arrangement, Truck & Trailer $75,000
  • New ABN to become a courier. Letter of offer received, 3 defaults not under arrangement totaling $4200, $20,000 approved on a re-marketed asset
  • 12 Month Old ABN, with $30,000 defaults with provable explanation. Provided bank statements to prove income. Approved for $20,000
  • New Venture with 5 years industry experience. Letter of offer including income declaration, Clear Credit File approved for $70,000.
  • 457 Visa Holder with Australian Drivers Licence, Registered with Uber, 2 Defaults totaling $3,500, Approved for $20,000 on a re-marketed asset.

Who Does This Product Work Best For?

(N.B. Asset Backed means the business owners own or have mortgaged a property that can be their home or an investment property).

  • A business where the owners have bad credit.
  • A new business that cannot get conventional finance (e.g. bank or finance company).
  • A business where it’s owners have no asset backing or a suitable deposit to convince a bank or finance company to lend them money.
  • A non-asset backed business that does not show or profit.
  • A business that wants the flexibility to decide on whether to retain the goods after 12 months.
  • A business that wants simplicity in getting the money they need organised.

Yes, I’m Interested

Briefly How It Works 

  • Pay a rental payment weekly for the first 12 months. At the end of 12 months you will have paid off approximately 35% of the principal amount borrowed.After 12 months you get 3 options
    • You can convert your agreement to a conventional finance agreement. (e.g. the approx. 65% you owe, if you have made your payments on time, can usually now be financed with a bank or conventional finance company).
    • You can re rent the equipment, (you receive a 75% credit on what you have already paid, and can continue to rent at a lower rental amount for a period up to 3 years).
    • You can hand the goods back at no cost and walk away.

Understanding The Product

At first glance the product may appear expensive. But you need to look at the benefits and the overall cost of ownership. A mainstream lender will not lend you the money. Assuming that you want the goods long term, using the most common term of 5 years for ownership (i.e. finance paid off completely) your overall cost of ownership is less than 10% more than a conventional finance agreement. If you enter into a conventional commercial finance agreement there are exit penalty fees, Rent to Buy gives you the option to payout at any time without penalty.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

new business loan

I have done three machinery loans with George and his team over the last 12 months and I can’t recommend him highly enough, he knows how to put a deal together and get it over the line.

Owner of Maclaine Enterprises

About Harley Finance

Harley Finance is the amalgamation of three small Finance Broker Businesses. The Principals have 30+ years, 25+ years and 10+ years’ experience. Our Knowledge and expertise has been gathered over a long period of time. We have seen the good times and the bad. We pride ourselves as being genuine experts in our field. All our consultants are fully qualified as per A.S.I.C requirements, but more importantly genuinely want to help our clients and prospective clients get finance approvals that meet their wants and needs. As further proof of our expertise, more than 25% of the business we write, comes from other Finance Brokers who realise that our Professional Presentation’s and Knowledge and our desire to make approvals happen, is what clients are looking for. Having access to a large quantity of Financiers and a daily working relationship with many of them, we know who the best fit for your application is. If you are looking for your best chance of approval, call us today!

Harley Finance is the Trading Name of Wynevili Holdings Pty Ltd and the Gruppelaar Family Trust.
ABN No 92 116 085 938. Australian Credit Licence No. 442259. External Disputes Resolution. FOS Member No. 33053

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