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Have a Bad Credit History? No Worries!
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We help with Finance for Trucks, Trailers, Motor Vehicles, Utes, Vans, Equipment and Machinery. We will consider any ABN business application

  • Bad Credit OK
  • Ex-Bankrupt OK
  • New Business OK
  • No Assets OK
  • No Financials OK
  • Used Goods OK
  • Up to $65,000 OK

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Harley Finance’s Goal is to find you the best finance agreement available.

In some cases this simply means to get you approved. In others we are searching our extensive list of funders to find you the best deal available.

We can loosely categorise your application into 2 sections.

Click on the appropriate box below for the application type that best suits you!

Are You?


By nominating this box, you are aware that obtaining finance in your particular situation is extremely difficult.

Some Good News – We Want to Help

If you have an ABN, Defaults less than $5000. You are an Australia Permanent Resident or Citizen and are not currently bankrupt, approval is virtually guaranteed

  • Up to $25,000 with just need your Driver’s Licence, Medicare Card and a Bill or Bank Statement with your address on it.
  • Up to $65,000 with above plus evidence that you can afford the payments (this can include cash flow projection, bank statements or letter of work offer)

If you have an ABN and more than $5,000 in defaults we still want to help, we are just going to get more information from you

  • Have you made any arrangements to with your creditors?
  • We need to provide a business profile
  • We need proof that you can afford to pay (e.g. Accountant prepared cash flow projection, bank statements or letter of work offer)

If you have an ABN but we cannot establish the above, we can still help

  • Our funder has a number of returned assets that they want to sell or finance. If you don’t get through the above we can offered to you a “remarketed” asset that meets your needs

If your application is very poor, choosing a remarketed asset you dramatically increase your approval prospects

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Briefly How It Works

Make a weekly payment the first 12 months. At the end of 12 months you will have paid off approximately 40% of the principal amount borrowed.

After 12 months you get 3 options.

  • You can, convert your agreement to a conventional finance agreement. (e.g. the approx. 60% you owe can be now financed with a bank or conventional finance company).
  • You can, continue and pay off the agreement with the lender at a reduced payment
  • You can, hand the goods back at no cost and walk away.

This agreement can be paid out at any time without penalty

Please see below various guidelines for finance approval.

Motor Vehicles, Utilities and Vans

  • Asset Backed Applicants (have a mortgaged or owned property with $100,000 equity +) No Deposit Finance available, must have aa clear credit file. Up to $100,000.
  • Sub-Contract from an Established Company and you have a good credit history: No Deposit, Maximum loan amount varies dependent on other application details.
  • Swapping from Employee to Contractor (with same company): With 2 years as employee and clear credit file, application assessed as continuous employment. No Deposit
  • An established business that wants simplicity in getting the money they need organised.
  • 20% cash or trade in deposit, No asset backing required. Must have clear credit file. Your ABN can be one day old. Up to $90,000.

Trucks & Trailers

  • An Asset Backed, Experienced Truck Driver. No Deposit Finance (Previous own business or employee) with a sub-contract from an established company.
  • Other Asset Backed Applicants: No Deposit Finance available. Less than $100,000 preferred, but any amount considered.
  • Non-Asset Backed Applicant: 10% to 20% deposit by cash or trade in. Maximum Amount on considering other application details.
  • Non Asset Backed Applicants: Other asset security. If you have an unencumbered asset (e.g. trailer, motor vehicle) it can be used in-lieu of cash deposit. Less than $100,000 preferred, but any amount considered.

All applications are subject to individual financier approval conditions and satisfactory supporting documentation being acceptable.

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Remarketed Assets – Easy Approval on These Today

What Our Clients Say About Us

With Harley Finance we make getting business finance with bad credit history easy

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Understanding The Product

At first glance the product may appear expensive. But you need to look at the benefits and the overall cost of ownership. A mainstream lender will not lend you the money. Assuming that you want the goods long term, using the most common term of 5 years for ownership (i.e. finance paid off completely) your overall cost of ownership is less than 10% more than a conventional finance agreement.

If you enter into a conventional commercial finance agreement there are exit penalty fees, Rent to Buy gives you the option to payout at any time without penalty.

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About Us

Harley Finance’s senior staff have all been in the Finance Industry for more than 10 years, with a few serving the industry for more than 25 years.

We offer the old fashioned Finance Broker service, in that we are looking to assist people who may not be able to find a finance approval themselves or don’t know how to get an approval.

It’s for this reason we are well known in, Start-Up Business Asset Finance, Owner Driver Finance, Imported Car Finance, Equipment Finance & Machinery Finance and Bad Credit Asset Finance.

Our Knowledge and expertise has been gathered over a long period of time. We have seen the good times and the bad.

We pride ourselves as being genuine experts in our field. All our consultants are fully qualified as per A.S.I.C requirements, but more importantly genuinely want to help our clients and prospective clients get finance approvals that meet their wants and needs.

As further proof of our expertise, more than 25% of the business we write, comes from other Finance Brokers who realise that our Professional Presentation’s and Knowledge and our desire to make approvals happen, is what clients are looking for.

Having access to a large quantity of Financiers and a daily working relationship with many of them, we know who the best fit for your application is.

If you are looking for your best chance of approval, call us today 1300 859 890!

Harley Finance is the Trading Name of Wynevili Holdings Pty Ltd and the Gruppelaar Family Trust.
ABN No 92 116 085 938. Australian Credit Licence No. 442259. External Disputes Resolution. FOS Member No. 33053

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